Typical issues (Update: 2024-01-09)

1.) You are not able to install the watch face on your Watch?

SOLUTION: Installation Issue Tutorial

2.) Heart Rate does not work properply or shows 0?

SOLUTION: Quick Fix: Try to change the dial and return to it.
Some watch faces still need an update so that the heart rate measurement works correctly with the complications.

3.) You bought an app from me and realized that it is not compatible with your watch?

SOLUTION: Simply contact me by email. I need the following information from you:

I can use this to apply for a refund from Google.

Customization Problems with the Samsung Wearable App (Update: 2024-01-09)

First of all, I have no influence on the functionality on the wearable app.
For a long time, the wearable app has had problems handling complex and extensively customizable watch faces. When you try to customize a watch face in the wearable app, you see a loading animation, but nothing happens or it is super slow. My designs use very detailed graphical elements with large file sizes. The problem is that every time you try to customize a watch face with the smartphone app, the wearable app tries to load all the relevant graphical elements directly from the watch. This loading process is very very slow, especially when the watch is only connected with Bluetooth. This can result in an endless loading process. The wearable app has been struggling with this problem since day one. Take a look at the comments and you will see that this is a common problem with the wearable app.

SOLUTION: The best way to customize my designs is directly on the watch and I highly recommend this.